Acre Station Meat Farm

Meat Processing

Acre Station Meat Farm is a small processing and retail facility. We specialize in fresh, quality meats at wholesale prices. We start with local hogs that are all natural and process our meats in a butcher shop atmosphere, ensuring hands-on quality. We use hickory sawdust for all of our smoked products for great flavor. Our sausage is made daily with quality ingredients. If you need a greater quantity, we process to order. Pork is processed twice a week for freshness on a week-to-week basis.

The freshness of our product is very important to us. If you start with something good, you end up with something good.

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The Huettmann Family

Acre Station Meat Farm Processing now offering custom processing under USDA inspection for pork and beef. Vacuumed packed with heavy bone guard bags to help prevent leaking.


Attention Hunters!
Let Acre Station Meat Farm help you fill your freezers. We will be accepting your harvested wild game Monday – Friday 7:00 am until 2:00 pm. Please call 252-927-3700 other drop off times may be available. Proud processor for Hunters for the Hungry.
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Call to schedule slaughtering.
Slaughtering $100.00 inspected
Processing – .94 dressed weight inspected

Some items we can offer are listed below:
Round Steaks
Round Roast
Bone-In Sirloin
T-Bone Steaks
Bone-In Rib Steak
Bone-In Ribeye Steak
Standing Rib Roast
Bone-in Chuck Steaks
Stew Meat
Short Ribs
Shoulder Roast
Beef Fillets
Ground Beef 80/20


Slaughtering- .19 dressed weight
Processing- .84 dressed weight

Some items we can offer are listed below:
Boneless Butts
Baby Backs
CC Boneless Loins
Center Cut Chops- 2 pack
Spare Ribs
St. Louis Ribs
End of Loin for Roast
Boston Butts
Bone-in Center Cut Pork Chops

List of Sausages:
•Fresh Sausage- Link or Loose
•Italian Sausage
•Additional .74 charge for linking in 6 inch links
•Breakfast Sausage- Maple flavor additional $1.29
•All types of Sausage

Average Weight Hams- 20 lbs. PC
Average Weight Sides- 12 lbs.

Smoking and Slicing Charge- $2.39
Cooking fat for lard- 2 lb. container- $1.39